Now is the Time to Go Into Business!!!!

I have noticed over the past several months a shift taking place in our economy.  specifically with people who have the financial means to go into business and finally it appears that we are getting to the point where people are getting used to this economy and willing to take a chance and go into business with their money.  This group of people I am speaking of are very conservative with their money and do not just jump into business without doing their homework.  They have either been succesful in business in the past or they are employees that have determined that trusting someone else for their income is not the wisest thing to do.

Financing in this country is really a thing of the past for the most part.  The days of the average American being able to finance anything they desire is over and now very carefull planning needs to go into our financial planning understanding that cash is truly “King”.  When leverage is available and when it can be used to preserve “Cash” it needs to be taken very seriously.  Also understanding the benefits of having the leverage available is huge.  I was about to venture into several other business activities over the next few years untill I realized that by doing so I would be leaving a Golden Opportunity sitting on the sideline and ignoring the obvious because I have the ability and resources to obtain positive leveraging while keeping my money on the sideline and producing great income year after year.  Not doing so would have been very foolish so now I will leave my money on the sideline and instead of using it for another business venture continue to add to it as long as I have the ability I have now to buy businesses with the right terms that will cash flow their first year and produce positive cash flow from the beginning.

Educating ones self on business and what the true current conditions are in respect with your situation is key and have to be studied daily.  I have quit my reading books concerning business today because I do not agree nor do I trust most authors ability to properly read what is actually taking place in business today.  Instead I have started reading books by Authors in the early 1900s to 1950s who went through the same kind of problems were facing today who faced a lot of the same credit issues we are facing right now.  This has allowed to me see the real picture and take advantage of so many items I would have overlooked in the past.

Are you looking to go into business but not quite sure you are ready?  There is one trait that is consistent throughout all successful Salespeople and Business owners and that is an ability to organize and utilize a system to stay in front of prospects and clients so that you waste no opportunity.  If you in your normal life have not developed a plan such as this I urge you to read my Blog on Send Out Cards and go to and consider starting this very important habit today.  Do not waste a second and by starting today you will be ahead of 99.9 percent of the people you are competing with!!!!  Once this habit is created you will be able to fly past people who have been in business for years attaining results you only dreamed about.


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