Constant Contact or Send Out Cards which is better?

Over the last week this question has been raised to me over and over.  I am amazed at the answers I have seen given and confused on how so many people can get this one wrong.  This is like comparing apples and spinach.  Neither have very much to do with each other but when used correctly both will serve their own purpose.

So lets see if we can settle this by explaining what each of these companies products do and what they are best used for.  Constant Contact is a program used to keep a business in front of the masses.  It is a tool that you can use to get information once delivered by direct mail campaigns out to a large number of people letting them know about your services and products.  If you read Constant Contacts information they tell you that if you are sending out a campaign that achieving a 40 percent open rate, or 40 percent of your emails that were sent were actually looked at, is a high number and should be considered a success.  One of the biggest downfalls with Constant Contact is the limitation that you cannot put purchased opt in email addresses in their system.  So if you decided to take your email marketing to the next level do not use Constant Contact to deliver paid leads.  Other than that restriction which is enough for me to look elsewhere Constant Contact is a great program and something every business owner needs to put in their marketing plan.

Now to what Send Out Cards is and what function it provides.  Send Out Cards is a very personal way to build business relationships and track these communications through a very nice Contact Manager.  Send Out Cards is the perfect tool for most small business owners today to implement in their daily routine capturing all the prospects and leads they come in contact with on a daily basis that before they just let slip away.  It is amazing that the majority of business owners will pay thousands for 200 clients but they let that many and many more slip through their fingertips daily when a program such as Send Out Cards is cost-effective, time effective, and gives them the platform to never waste another lead the come in contact with.  For more information on Send Out Cards go to

Send Out Cards and programs such as Constant Contact should not be competing against each other since as I have shown they serve 2 totally but important services to business.  Business Owners need to think very hard about where their dollars are going and need to start taking advantage of programs such as both of these to maximize their results.


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