New Opportunity that every Service Business needs!

Do you run a service business?  Is your business booming?  What would you do if I tell you that you could probably add more business and effect your bottom line more with what I am going to tell you about than you can with any other marketing idea or any pricing change.  Most of you will tell me I am crazy but I will tell you that I promise what I am about to tell you works, and it works so well that it will change your business forever and you will probably not have any competition for a while allowing you to capture a huge market share.

I imagine only a few will ever find this blog and will ever read this post.  This will be the only time the information will be gave away and as we speak this is being put into a sales system that will be promoted via a website where for a very small fee you will get an ongoing system to implement into your business.

This whole thing started a year ago as I was watching my favorite TV program on a shopping network and purchasing watches.  This company along with several others offer interest free payment plans on there merchandise.  Example instead of charging full price up front for a $300 watch they break it down in 4 to 6 interest free payments which they will bill monthly on your debit or credit card but they will send you the item today by just paying the first payment plus S/H.  I kept thinking that I would love to offer something like that in my business and then one day I realized I was foolish and could offer it but needed the correct tools and the company that I could sign on with to allow me to create ACH payment plans for my clients via there checking accounts, debit cards, or major credit cards.  It took me less than 3 days and I found the company that offered everything I wanted and did it in such a way that anyone could sign on with them without having to change there existing credit card processing!!!

What does this mean to my business.  I have on average during my busy time of 5 to 10  clients a week contacting me wanting my service and willing to do business with me but when they hear the cost it becomes a situation where they cannot come up with the fee all at once or it will take them some time to come up with the entire payment.  If I did payment plans where I sent out bills and I actively managed monthly billings calling and collecting non pays it would be totally unprofitable and my non pays would run higher than I am willing to accept.  Now that I am able to implement the ACH plan the default rate on the service I offer is less than 10 percent.  I get full price for the services I offer.  I am able to build a significant year round income from clients that normally I would loose.

The amazing thing is I have done internet searches and have found no one in my entire industry that is offering this!!!!  This is amazing to me and the opportunity is so big it is hard for me to grasp but I am attempting to now.  Please stay tuned and if you are interested in a system that will build significant additional monthly income sometimes dwarfing the income you are currently making, then I have the system you will want to learn and implement!!!




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