Send Out Cards Network Marketing, a real business tool?

Over this past winter I made a decision to stop the endless wasting of leads and prospects year after year. While I have been successful in Business I have not reached the level of success I could have if I would have had a consistent way of staying in contact with my leads, prospects, and current clients.

During one of my many Chamber of Commerce meetings I was handed a card by an individual and during an introduction session he briefly explained what SOC (Send Out Cards) was and how it worked. At that time I saw it as another Network Marketing Item that sounded great but would not work for me since I am a traditional business guy.

Three months later I was in the process to fix my inability to keep in contact with prospects and remembered SOC but of course as usual I could not locate this gentleman’s business card. During this time I had also looked into Constant Contact and was interested but with the bombardment of emails I get every day I did not want to be like everyone else and wanted something that enabled me to stand out.

I searched SOC out on the net and after looking at the model decided I was going to sign up as a distributor but not to recruit but to use the contact manager system they had and to get the discounts.

I started to use SOC on a daily basis making it a habit to send out at least 5 “It was Nice to Meet You” cards. These are people I would meet in the normal daily activities of my life that either asked me a professional question or just had a brief conversation with and where we exchanged information. I own multiple Liberty Tax offices and also own the Area Development rights along with multiple other businesses so I meet a wide range of people with different interests.

With SOC I am able to separate these people into different categories such as “Tax Client Prospects”, “Franchisee Prospects”, or “Business Owners”. The receive a hand written post card or should I say what appears to be a hand written post card letting them know that I enjoyed meeting them within 2 business days of meeting them which is something that the vast majority of people are totally blown away by. The days of receiving a post card in the mail is almost done and the “in” thing to do now is email but with email you also lose some of the personal touch you get with using postcards.

I have seen a huge increase in my conversion rate of prospects and now I do not let any contact drop through the cracks. The nicest thing is I can send 5 cards out in less than 2 minutes per card and do not have to go to the store to pick up the card, I do not have to place postage and run card to the post office, all I have to do is endure a few simple keystrokes and have a permanent record of everything I have done.

If you are interested in using this in your business visit my website and try it for 6 months and see if the results are more than worth the minor investment!!

I also have an email marketing program that I use and merge both databases regularly to ensure I can communicate both ways but have decided that Constant Contact was not the right program for me because of some of the restrictions.  I will write more on email marketing in the near future and look forward to hearing any recommendations since I am positive I am not doing everything I need to be doing.

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